I was born in 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I live and Work. 

I am visual artist,  graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires in 2004.

I explore the relation between pictorial and architectural language.

In the 2019- 2021 series, the paintings are carried out following research on the work of Lina Bo Bardi and Charlotte Perriand.

In my paintings, I synthesized the architecture through a decoding process, and turn it into abstract forms.

Through my work, the work and figures of women are recovered, in the past as women they did not have their rightful place.

Architecture is the concept of my works. I take floor plans, sections, facades and selected architectural spaces as a springboard to paint a journey towards abstraction and mystery. 

Shapes are not fully defined but suggested. The scenarios in my works are always empty; planes and structures make them up in overlapping shades creating different environments and atmospheres. 

Successive layers of oil painting are always present in my work. At the same time, the layers often take on another meaning and refer to different projects leading to the presence of two themes or forms on the same canvas, a migration of structures from one work to another, generating several spatial dimensions such as a detail of the Whitney Museum on a first layer referring to the roof of the Grand Palais. The image appears or retracts.

I paint in oils on canvas, oil on paper, I carry out interventions in acrylic on pages of 70s architecture magazine pages and large scale murals.



2020 MACBA Museum collection 

Creo en 2020  junto a Mara Sanchez Llorens (Madrid) del proyecto Musas de Vanguardia. Ig: @musasdevanguardia

Participa del Ciclo Hable con ella del Museo Malba en 2020.




2021  Reconvexo. Curaduria de Sergio Bazan.  Mm Gallery, Buenos Aires. 

2020  Despues de la arquitectura, Curaduria Lara Marmor, en el Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, Bs As. 

2019  Depois da arquitetura. Curaduria Lara Marmor. Galeria Arte Aplicada. Sao Paulo. 

2018​​  “Diderot Gallery / Puente G” Buenos Aires

2018 ​​  Site Specific and exhibition at BSM art Building Buenos Aires – Art Basel Cities Buenos Aires.

2017​​“La articulación de un centro inhabitado” Marq, Curadora Lara Marmor. 

2015 ​​ Luciana Levinton“Solo show” en Del Infinito arte. 

2015 ​​¨Mutazioni dello Spazio¨ en Matteo Fantoni Studio, Milan. 

2014​​¨American Perspective¨ en la Galeria de la Embajada Arg. en Berlin. 

2013​​¨Obra Reciente¨ en Fundacion Pablo Atchugarry, Manantiales. 

2012 ​​¨Tiempo en estado puro¨en la Galeria de la Embajada Arg. en Paris. 

2012​​¨Pinturas, Obra Reciente¨ en el Centro Cultural Recoleta, Bs As. 

2012​​¨Supermodern¨ en Ggrippo, Brooklyn, NY. 

2011​​¨London¨ en el British Arts Centre, Bs As.

2010​​¨Brasilia¨ en la Galeria Portinari, Funceb, Bs As.  

2010​​¨Pinturas¨ en la Galeria de Arte del Consulado Argentino en NY. 

2010 ​​Espacio Arte,  Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, Bs As. 

2009​​¨Itinerarios¨ de la serie paisajes urbanos, Galeria Apice, Bs As. 

2008 ​​¨BA SP NY¨ en el British Arts Center, Bs As. 

2008 ​​¨Paisajes Urbanos¨ en el Centro Cultural Borges, Bs As.

2007 ​​¨Miradas¨ en la Sociedad Central de Arquitectos, Bs As. 



2021  Neo Post – Museo Macba – Curador Rodrigo Alonso 

2020  En Dialogo – Artemisa Gallery NY 

2019​​  Art Toronto, MMGallery. Toronto, Canada.

2019  Descanso de caminantes, sala iman, Fundacion Cazadores. Curador Sergio Bazan. 

2019  Mundos Cruzados, Centro Cultural Coreano, Buenos Aires. 

2019  Close to the Edge, Argentine Embassy Washington. 

2019  Art on paper Artemisa Gallery. 

2018  ​​Art.Tech, Architecture Museum Marq,, Buenos Aires. 

2018  ​​Dispersed Meditations, Argentine Consulate in New York. ​

2018  Art on Paper, Artemisa Gallery, Pier 36, New York. 

2017​​  Blanca Soto Arte, “Signos del Tiempo”, Madrid. 

2017​​  Pinta art Fair, Miami, Artemisa Gallery. 

2016 ​​“Traverse” Artemisa Gallery, NY. | Affordable Art Fair, NYC, Artemisa Gallery 

2015 ​“Los Planos del Agua”, Museo de Arquitectura

2015 ​“1 11 14” Curaduria Sonia Becce, Bazan, CCR. 

2015​  Video Arte “BsAs”, con N. Bernaudo, Pabellon Arg. Expo Milan. 

2015​  Summer Show – Artemisa Gallery NY

2015​  Salon Nacional Fundacion Banco Nacion Argentina 2015 ​​

2015​  ArteBa Del Infinito arte|¨Conversa Antes” Salon 18m, Berlin  

2014 ​​68 projects, Kornfeld Gallery, Berlin. ¨Silences¨, en Artemisa Gallery, NY. 

2013 ​Living Colour Award, en Saatchi Gallery, Londres. 

2013 ¨Group Show¨en Artemisa Gallery, NY

2013  ¨Art dans la vie¨, Boissiere Gomendio Gallery, Paris.  

2013 Group Show, Galeria del Paseo Uruguay.

2012 ​¨Salon Nacional BNA¨, (Obra seleccionada)

2012  ¨Fort et fragile¨, Boissiere Gomendio Gallery, Paris. 

2012  ¨Los carniceros¨, Curador S Bazan, Fundacion Lory Barra, BA. 

2010  ​¨Brasilia¨en el Museo de Arquitectura 

2009  Exposicion Coleccion Patrimonio de la Soc. Ctral de Arqs. Marq., Bs As. 




2015​​ Salon Nacional Fundacion Banco Nacion Argentina, Mencion honorifica. 

2013 ​​ Saatchi Gallery  2nd Pl.Showdown winner,  Living Colour  2do premio. 

2008 & 2006 ​ Dibujos, Calendario, Sociedad Central de Arquitectos. 



Represented By

Galeria del Paseo – Silvia Arrozes

New York Artemisa

Sao Paulo
Arte Aplicada, Galeria – de Sabina Libman

Blanca Soto

Buenos Aires

MM Gallery


MM Gallery


Doppia V Galleria