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15 November 2014 -10 January 2015
68 projects -Berlin - Exhibition
68projects Kornfeld Gallery Fasanenstr. 68, 10719 Berlin

15 November 2014 -10 January 2015

Person, Place or Thing: Works On Paper by 54 Artists (exhibition dates: 15 November 2014 10 January 2015) A floor-to-ceiling, three-gallery exhibition of works on paper by 54 artists from Europe, Asia, America and Latin America. A black marker line drawing of hitching a ride to heaven by Keith Haring matchbook vagina sketches by Richard Prince...architectural interventions in pink by Luciana Levinton...collage and autobiography by Kandis Williams...oil pastel rubbings of spirals on canvas made from swinging pendulums and ink by Pau Atela algae and paper magnet and film/ink drawing by Frederic Amat pulp paper sculptures by Richard Tuttle, a giant flower from a scalpel knife by Brooke Werhane Maples, 8 heavy brushstroke paintings on paper by Max Frintrop, slight of eye perspective drawing from 18 year-old NYC art student Michael Bianchino... taped lines on windows during hurricane preparations by Ryan Blair Sullivan...a twisted duck by Allison Schulnik beauty from Albania by Lui Shtini and more.