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Saatchi Gallery
Le coeur du systeme. Award


On display now. We are happy to announce the winner of our In Living Color Showdown competition: Paula Baaders Sumis Workplace has earned judge Barnaby Furnas highest rank and will be shown at the Saatchi Gallery in London, along with runner-up Le coeur du système by Luciana Levinton. Internationally-renowned artist Barnaby Furnas selected these two works from the pool of 30 talented finalists, with the following comments: Both artists are successfully mining the often fertile territory between abstraction and representation. In Luciana Levintons painting Le coeur du systeme, that vibrant, hovering red transcends and transforms the architectural forms that provide their shape. The red shapes read as portals and abstract form both transformative and stubbornly formal. In Paula Baaders painting Sumi's Workplace, the dabs of paint record space and activity at the same time. It is a drawing and a painting at the same time in the same way as it is an abstraction and art studio at the same time. I find her color a sort of notational use of color very satisfying with lots of potential.? - Barnaby Furnas American artist & Final Round Judge