Visual artist, UBA graduated architect, based in Buenos Aires.

Architecture is the concept of my works. I take floor plans, sections, facades and selected architectural spaces as a springboard to paint a journey towards abstraction and mystery.

Shapes are not fully defined but suggested. The scenarios in my works are always empty; planes and structures make them up in overlapping shades creating different environments and atmospheres.

Successive layers of oil painting are always present in my work. At the same time, the layers often take on another meaning and refer to different projects leading to the presence of two themes or forms on the same canvas, a migration of structures from one work to another, generating several spatial dimensions such as a detail of the Whitney Museum on a first layer referring to the roof of the Grand Palais. The image appears or retracts.


I paint in oils on canvas, I carry out interventions in acrylic on pages of 70s architecture magazines and large scale murals.